Self-awareness coaching sessions

These individual sessions are made of two main components: First, there is a time to share what’s on your heart. Your fears, your struggles, your challenges, whatever you are going through at the moment and that you would like to lay down. I will be asking you questions to help you express what is going on inside you. Then, if it is needed, there will be a time to reflect and take action. Together we will identify your needs, your goals and what you can implement in your life order to meet these goals.

During the sessions you will learn how to:

  • Listen to your body’s signals

  • Identify your needs

  • Express your emotions

  • Meet yourself where you are

  • Understand your behaviours

  • Find resources within yourself

  • Take care of your energy

  • Connect to your intuition

I can introduce you to some self-awareness and self-care practices such as heart coherence, body awareness and movement, mindful walking, creative expression, journaling, meditation, etc. These practical tools are what works for me, but most importantly, we will find out what works for you!

"Know thyself", says an ancient Greek maxim. 
Why? Because understanding who we are in the totality of our being enables us to have more empathy towards ourselves, therefore allowing us to become who we really want to be.

A coaching session lasts 1h30 and costs 400 DKK. You can book a first trial session for half the price :) If for some reason you find yourself unable to pay this amount, you are welcome to contact me so we can find an agreement <3

Guided heart meditations

Meditation is a way to connect to oneself by making silence inside and being present to what is. Focusing on the heart helps letting go of the mind and enter a deep state of relaxation. These individual sessions will help you get familiar with the practice and install a routine in your life. We start the session with a heart coherence exercise, before entering the meditation. I will guide you through the practice. After the meditation we will have time to talk about your experience.

A guided meditation lasts 1h and costs 300 DKK. You can book a first trial session for half the price :) If for some reason you find yourself unable to pay this amount, you are welcome to contact me so we can find an agreement <3


The sessions can be held online or in person at my home in Aarhus (Denmark). For reservations and/or information about my services, you can contact me by email or phone or by filling out the form. You are welcome to ask for a (free) 30min phone conversation before we meet so we can see if this could be right for you :) The sessions can be held in French or English!