My story

I suffered from depression as a teenager. I felt extremely lonely and stuck in depreciating beliefs about myself. As a young adult I escaped my emotions and focused all my attention on my studies and work. I started putting a lot of pressure on myself. I overworked and was having feelings of insecurity, self-criticism, anxiety and extremely high expectations. After a passionate and intense journey in the fields of journalism and photography, I decided to take a break. I started practicing yoga and meditation, and came to realize a lot of things about myself: I was very stressed, often frustrated. I realized I had remaining trauma from my childhood, and this realization led me to experience deep anxiety and panic attacks for the first time. I found myself to be still dealing with feelings of self-doubt and unworthiness. Realizing all these things forced me to take a step back and try to understand what was going on. A long self-exploration began, which led me to experiment with a variety of self-awareness and introspection practices. Along with a therapy, these practices allowed me to reconnect with my body, my emotions and my intuition; make peace with my past and recover my natural happiness. Today I am still swayed by the waves of life, but these small cracks no longer sink my boat. I am so happy to share what helped me - and still helps me today - to navigate through life with more ease.

My goal as a coach is to give care and support to my clients by providing attentive empathic listening and a safe environment for the expression of their emotions. I offer assistance by guiding them through self-awareness and self-care practices. My approach is holistic, which means it includes all the aspects of a human being: body, mind, and soul.

My background:

Certified coach in heart coherence – HeartMath Institute, USA

Certified yoga & meditation teacher – Heartfulness School, India

International program in photojournalism – DMJX, Denmark

Master in journalism – IHECS, Belgium

Bachelor in information and communication – IHECS, Belgium